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The New York Times has a slideshow of Olafur Elliasson’s waterfalls in New York, including the one under the Brooklyn Bridge. “The New York City Waterfalls” is a public art project of four man-made waterfalls rising from New York Harbor, some as high as the Statue of Liberty. Organized by the nonprofit Public Art Fund […]

Rachel Hinman of Adaptive Path recently began her “90 Mobiles in 90 Days” project. This rapid form of brainstorming/iteration/prototyping is exactly what I was trying to do when I began my Twitter “Idea Log“. Glad to see she is having more success than I did. For the 90 days following today, June 20, 2008, I’m […]

I stumbled on the space collective today and posted it on designboom. The gallery is an amazing collection of images. The curated selection of images and links is so refreshing compared to the same info graphics and black and white photos on ffffound. The format would work so well for a blog. It also reminds […]

Productive Play


The idea of play is becoming more and more integrated into products and services of functional value (ie. work). It is often used as an added value or as a source of inspiration and guide. These things add play where it wouldn’t traditionally be. What if instead of adding play into work, we transform play […]