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The Internet seems to move much faster than reality. This can been looked at as a negative because it means that we often miss important things in an effort to keep up with the pace of online life. However it can also be seen as a positive when we are able to overcome the speed […]



My Desk – jochen Inspiration is hard to come by. However nothing is more exciting than finding creative triggers. I have recently been inspired by the Behance: a website that examines creativity and the creative process. It has been continually producing great inspiring articles that offer unique tips and interviews. So while reading it today […]



A brief book is now live online. Brief is a limited-edition book, containing articles, essays and ideas on the future of design. It was the major focus of my last year at OCAD and features work by my colleagues and some of Canada’s best illustrators. Have a flip and explore some new design territory.



Makes you wonder what other movies are thinking when they put out trailers. A quick google search revealed that this is already a widly discussed film, due in large part to its creator J.J. Abrahms of Lost fame. Although I have not seen an episode of his show, I think this is a intriguing trend […]

Wow! What a day. It all began at 8AM this morning and didn’t stop till 9:30 this evening. We spent the whole day doing concept development. We also got to meet Henry Cheung a really talented designer who worked at Bruce Mau Design on the Tree City Proposal. His insights were tremendously helpful and gave […]