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A brief book is now live online. Brief is a limited-edition book, containing articles, essays and ideas on the future of design. It was the major focus of my last year at OCAD and features work by my colleagues and some of Canada’s best illustrators. Have a flip and explore some new design territory.



likemind NY – Michael Surtees Toronto is finally home to an official likemind meet-up. In case you are unfamiliar with the whole likemind concept it is basically a get together of likeminded people. So if you are want to chat it up with some likeminded and downright interesting people, come check it out and spread […]

Wow! What a day. It all began at 8AM this morning and didn’t stop till 9:30 this evening. We spent the whole day doing concept development. We also got to meet Henry Cheung a really talented designer who worked at Bruce Mau Design on the Tree City Proposal. His insights were tremendously helpful and gave […]

Today we broke out into our groups and went to visit the site that our design charette will be located. I was assigned to the Downsview Park group that is exploring the future for Canada‚Äôs Urban Park. Located in northern Toronto this area is an old air base for the military that is being transformed […]

So the first day started pretty slow. I met with my fellow participants in advance to discuss life and stuff over coffee. We then proceeded to register at the Institute without Boundaries. They have a great facility, which has a very creative and inspiring vibe. Once we received our welcome package (including my first official […]