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Although I rarely watched TV back in Canada, I really don’t watch it now that I have moved to Italy. Besides not having a television in my apartment, there are no english channels other than CNN anyway. So when I am in the “TV mood” I usually watch a DVD or listen to a podcast, […]

So the first day started pretty slow. I met with my fellow participants in advance to discuss life and stuff over coffee. We then proceeded to register at the Institute without Boundaries. They have a great facility, which has a very creative and inspiring vibe. Once we received our welcome package (including my first official […]

From a great article I recommend reading… “What Else is New?” By: Steven Shapin. Discussing a new book that makes a point about the way we view technology and the misconceptions that surround it. Knowing about technology is not the same thing as understanding the scientific theories involved. Just as innovators commonly understand the fundamentals […]

Pen on Paper


Pen on Paper, originally uploaded by nate archer. I have been a long time fan of Merlin‘s Hipster PDA but I have never had much success with it. It always seems to be too much about writing things down, rather than getting things done. So I have turned back to my old favourite method of […]

I was accepted on today. It is a really neat concept that is an online feed aggregator. However instead of being user determined like bloglines or feedbuner this site is owner curated. The site focuses on providing reliable information in the niche market of design. I think that this is not only useful (I […]