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photo of kluster in action The annual TED conference is currently taking place in Monterey, California. At $6000 a pop, getting a ticket is not only expensive but quite impossible, considering they sell out well in advance. However as many have discovered, they offer the talk up through their website. I don’t have to say […]

Yes I would call it a crisis. In recent years the gentrification cycle has been working in overdrive. As the artists and creatives move to a new area, the commercial developers are following close behind with condos and Starbucks’. Today’s Star had two articles covering the recent developments in this issue and brought a more […]

The annual TED conference just happened and I’m looking forward to their great videos. One quote from this year’s conference which stood out to me was from Phillipe Stark of all people. When discussing why he designs he stated, “We are all obliged to participate in the development of our species” I thought this was […]



At the Rotman School, we see great value in the designer’s approach to solving problems – the integrative way of thinking and problem-solving that can be applied to all components of business. Dean Roger Martin has said that “we are on the cusp of a design revolution in business,” and as a result, “today’s business […]

Canada’s Kyoto protocol targets have been in the news recently. I guess that parliament has noticed the lack of winter here in southern Ontario. The article in today’s Globe outlines Steven Harper’s plans to meet our targets. For this I have to give him some props. He may not be the most environment guy out […]