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“Life is more important than blogging!” As wrong as that may sound, it is true. It is also the reason why I have been absent this past week. However in my time off from the blog I attended the Vapor Independant Music Showcase @ the El Mocambo. the show was terrific and featured some great […]

Seeing Music


(Redwings, originally uploaded by Nate Archer.) Noisy Decent Graphics came up with the great idea of choosing a visual to accompany a song. I thought this was a great idea and I thought I would throw my hat into the mix. My song is called “Redwings” by a great new group called Guillemots. The image […]

State of the Music Industry Digitization has advanced how music is created; however it has negatively impacted how music is commodified. Unfortunately, because the industry’s business wasn’t designed for this environment, artists and labels are unable to reap the benefits from these changes. The result is an industry that is not fairly compensating its most […]

Ready, Set…


Consider this the beginning for real. I have completed the first week of school and I’m really pumped about thesis. Although I am definitely second guessing myself, I am continuing on. I have narrowed down my thesis topic to Music and more specifically to solving the music piracy problem that was enabled by digital technologies. […]