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Over the weekend I caught the motivated bug. I had no obligations for the whole 2 days and planned to use that to my advantage. As a result, I was able to cross some things off my growing to-do list, writing this entry included. Oddly enough, motivation was what motivated me to write this post, […]

So the first day started pretty slow. I met with my fellow participants in advance to discuss life and stuff over coffee. We then proceeded to register at the Institute without Boundaries. They have a great facility, which has a very creative and inspiring vibe. Once we received our welcome package (including my first official […]

It seems I am continually urged to write after reading articles in the paper. This instalment is in regards to the front-page article by Leah McLaren discussing the recent “craze” centered on the idea of happiness in the public consciousness. She delves into the backlash on happiness, “If I often feel annoyed with the state […]

The last official week of four years in school is here and I am treading water. The end is near and I can feel it and taste it! Please hang in while I try and get everything together. I will leave this quote by the late June Callwood.  “If you see an injustice being committed, […]

Killer title and it sounds interesting too, I’ll be checking it out!