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Makes you wonder what other movies are thinking when they put out trailers. A quick google search revealed that this is already a widly discussed film, due in large part to its creator J.J. Abrahms of Lost fame. Although I have not seen an episode of his show, I think this is a intriguing trend […]

I had two conversations today on the difficulties of understanding abstract concepts. Some people see them and others don’t. However, I belive at some point that it isn’t so much not understanding but rather an unwillingness to understand. This is most likley from not being trained to think in this way. However it begs the […]

Branded utility has been tagged as the future of marketing. Originator, Johnny Vulkan defines it as, “Brands being genuinely useful to their customers, employees, suppliers and the people they touch.” However it has really been transformed since then. Most people are slapping it on anything that blends function and branding. The success of this concept […]

It seems everyone is forecasting simplicity as a major theme for 2007. So far a lot of it has been debating what define simplicity and whether we are after simplicity of elegance. After reading Scott Berkun’s post “In defense of simplicity” I thought of a new mindset to frame the simplicity question. Simple design doesn’t […]