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Over the weekend I caught the motivated bug. I had no obligations for the whole 2 days and planned to use that to my advantage. As a result, I was able to cross some things off my growing to-do list, writing this entry included. Oddly enough, motivation was what motivated me to write this post, […]

photo: Zach_ManchesterUK I think one of the reasons it is so difficult to find some words to write in this little space of mine is because I now do it for a living. Everyday I am now contractually obligated to blog, it sounds weird I know, but that is a whole other story. Finding something […]

The annual TED conference just happened and I’m looking forward to their great videos. One quote from this year’s conference which stood out to me was from Phillipe Stark of all people. When discussing why he designs he stated, “We are all obliged to participate in the development of our species” I thought this was […]

Day 35, originally uploaded by nate archer.   It occurred to me that the way people spend their days may mimic how they live their lives. As I sit here typing this at 10:26 PM I’m in the last few hours of the day, I have an incredible creative urge. Earlier in the day I […]

It seems like I have been thinking/saying this a lot in the last year but I’m beginning to understand the importance of just doing something. Back in August I wrote, “I have realized that no matter how much planning and thinking about something you do, there is something so satisfying about something spontaneous.” And while […]