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Timpins Update


It has been over a year since I released my Timpins into the wild. For those that have not officially been initiated, last year I designed a limited-edition series of pins inspired by Tim Horton’s iconic donut hole, the Timbit. The pins were part of a group exhibition organized by Motherbrand for the 2007 Come […]

I logged back into WordPress today for the first time in almost 4 months. A lot has changed. For starters, I noticed that the site had gone through a tiny redesign. A little sprucing up of the toolbar and some nice layout changes on the admin homepage. After such a long absence I caught up […]

Over the weekend I caught the motivated bug. I had no obligations for the whole 2 days and planned to use that to my advantage. As a result, I was able to cross some things off my growing to-do list, writing this entry included. Oddly enough, motivation was what motivated me to write this post, […]

Although I rarely watched TV back in Canada, I really don’t watch it now that I have moved to Italy. Besides not having a television in my apartment, there are no english channels other than CNN anyway. So when I am in the “TV mood” I usually watch a DVD or listen to a podcast, […]



So it has been away eh? In the last two months I have been very busy making the move to Italy. I have been hired by the wonderful designboom to work here in Milan. I applied to a job posting on their blog back in June and moved here at the end of September. I’m […]