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Over the weekend I caught the motivated bug. I had no obligations for the whole 2 days and planned to use that to my advantage. As a result, I was able to cross some things off my growing to-do list, writing this entry included. Oddly enough, motivation was what motivated me to write this post, […]



My Desk – jochen Inspiration is hard to come by. However nothing is more exciting than finding creative triggers. I have recently been inspired by the Behance: a website that examines creativity and the creative process. It has been continually producing great inspiring articles that offer unique tips and interviews. So while reading it today […]

Bruce Hinds, a professor at OCAD was looking for some names of people that the students would like to hear speak. So I started a list with some friends. We all thought of some similar big name thinkers: your Malcolm Gladwells, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. However one name that I insisted go on the […]

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to the final year of school: my thesis. The subject of this project is extremely important, as I will have to stick with it for a whole year. When I first got interested in Industrial Design back in 2001, I thought I would be designing furniture […]