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I am always seeing great stuff, so I thought I would start sharing more of it.  Descisions, Descisions By: Jamie Wieck “This menu design grew out of my hatred for the number of rules eateries impose on their customers. Using the East London restaurant Bistrotheque as a foundation I rationalised all the reasons why someone […]

A Canadian Type


I found out about this a while back, when I was trying to find out if Canada had an official font. Although it isn’t the official typeface, “Cartier” was commisioned by the Canadian governemnt. It was originally designed by Carl Dair in 1957 and later updated for digital use by Rod McDonald. A really interesting […]

Cool Shit


Amazing light graffiti via Coudal

That is right the school that I was always a supporter of: The Ontario College of Art and Design, is beginning to piss the hell out of me! The reason why I am having this sudden change of heart is because of something I stumbled on. I was stumbled across a mention of Hambly &Woolley […]

Goodbye Times


In recent news… I just found an article on digg that proclaims that the new version of the world’s most popular word-processor will no longer use Times New Roman as the default font. Although I don’t think that this is massive news, it does show the way in which one font managed to take over […]