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One of my main interests is examining the current shifts in the design industry. Of late I have been reading some great articles that are trying to articulate the changes in the industry; so I thought I would share. This is an ongoing list of links on where design is now and where it is […]



My Desk – jochen Inspiration is hard to come by. However nothing is more exciting than finding creative triggers. I have recently been inspired by the Behance: a website that examines creativity and the creative process. It has been continually producing great inspiring articles that offer unique tips and interviews. So while reading it today […]

photo: lou’s canon  Over the weekend I did a little cleaning. I began to go through my massive bin of paperwork. I have had this bin in the top of my closet for as long as I can remember. It contains all my schoolwork from when I began school, all the way up to this […]



Makes you wonder what other movies are thinking when they put out trailers. A quick google search revealed that this is already a widly discussed film, due in large part to its creator J.J. Abrahms of Lost fame. Although I have not seen an episode of his show, I think this is a intriguing trend […]

Today we broke out into our groups and went to visit the site that our design charette will be located. I was assigned to the Downsview Park group that is exploring the future for Canada’s Urban Park. Located in northern Toronto this area is an old air base for the military that is being transformed […]