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The annual TED conference just happened and I’m looking forward to their great videos. One quote from this year’s conference which stood out to me was from Phillipe Stark of all people. When discussing why he designs he stated, “We are all obliged to participate in the development of our species” I thought this was […]

Well more than a month has gone by since my last post and boy did I forget my post a day idea! Well it wasn’t without reason. Not only has school been hectic the last few weeks but I have also been working on a ton of outside projects. 1. Souvenir Shop – I designed […]

I was talking with my friend Alex after class the other day about legacy. We overheard a couple of students discussing a new professor at school. Student 1: Who is your prof? Student 2: Oh, he is new, I forget his name. Student 3: Yeah I have him too; he has designed some really interesting […]

Photo: nickf After class today I went to talk with Bruce Sterling, he is definitely a person to watch. I would probably best describe him as a futurist however he stated later in the day that he isn’t. However I would definitely check out his book, Shaping Things. So in the morning, he discussed among […]