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Its not about consumers, it’s not about users. It’s all about people. – Timo Veikkola, Nokia: A view of the future – trends research, ethnography and design. ( via This Blog Sits at the:)

I realized that industry monopolies tend to be examined primarily from a business perspective. It is definitely the most logical way to frame this kind of issue but when I started to think about it, it shouldn’t be the only way. Mike Arrignton wonders if the game is up for Google. “This may be the […]

Timpins Update


It has been over a year since I released my Timpins into the wild. For those that have not officially been initiated, last year I designed a limited-edition series of pins inspired by Tim Horton’s iconic donut hole, the Timbit. The pins were part of a group exhibition organized by Motherbrand for the 2007 Come […]

The Internet seems to move much faster than reality. This can been looked at as a negative because it means that we often miss important things in an effort to keep up with the pace of online life. However it can also be seen as a positive when we are able to overcome the speed […]

photo: Zach_ManchesterUK I think one of the reasons it is so difficult to find some words to write in this little space of mine is because I now do it for a living. Everyday I am now contractually obligated to blog, it sounds weird I know, but that is a whole other story. Finding something […]