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I had two conversations today on the difficulties of understanding abstract concepts. Some people see them and others don’t. However, I belive at some point that it isn’t so much not understanding but rather an unwillingness to understand. This is most likley from not being trained to think in this way. However it begs the […]

It seems everyone is forecasting simplicity as a major theme for 2007. So far a lot of it has been debating what define simplicity and whether we are after simplicity of elegance. After reading Scott Berkun’s post “In defense of simplicity” I thought of a new mindset to frame the simplicity question. Simple design doesn’t […]

I was talking with my friend Alex after class the other day about legacy. We overheard a couple of students discussing a new professor at school. Student 1: Who is your prof? Student 2: Oh, he is new, I forget his name. Student 3: Yeah I have him too; he has designed some really interesting […]

We all have those friends who love to show other people stuff they think is cool. Whether it’s a funny video or a cool ad, they love spreading the word via email or in person. In today’s media landscape these people are a marketer’s dream and the reason ”viral” advertising works. However I have come […]

Photo: nickf After class today I went to talk with Bruce Sterling, he is definitely a person to watch. I would probably best describe him as a futurist however he stated later in the day that he isn’t. However I would definitely check out his book, Shaping Things. So in the morning, he discussed among […]