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I realized that industry monopolies tend to be examined primarily from a business perspective. It is definitely the most logical way to frame this kind of issue but when I started to think about it, it shouldn’t be the only way. Mike Arrignton wonders if the game is up for Google. “This may be the […]

photo of kluster in action The annual TED conference is currently taking place in Monterey, California. At $6000 a pop, getting a ticket is not only expensive but quite impossible, considering they sell out well in advance. However as many have discovered, they offer the talk up through their website. I don’t have to say […]

The New Design


One of my main interests is examining the current shifts in the design industry. Of late I have been reading some great articles that are trying to articulate the changes in the industry; so I thought I would share. This is an ongoing list of links on where design is now and where it is […]

Creative Rigour


After the back and forth on my “Ideas vs. Ideas” post and reading Bruce Nussbaum’s take on the 3M issue, I began thinking more about the role of creativity in business. Creativity and LSS (Lean Six Sigma) have different objectives. As Bruce suggests “Both tracks have separate needs so keep them separate”. He suggests running […]

Ideas vs. Ideas


Now that school is done I have some free time to catch up on reading and all the other things I was putting off. I had clipped a page from the Globe at the beginning of May. I already read one of the articles on the page about a new car being designed in Germany, […]