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I realized that industry monopolies tend to be examined primarily from a business perspective. It is definitely the most logical way to frame this kind of issue but when I started to think about it, it shouldn’t be the only way. Mike Arrignton wonders if the game is up for Google. “This may be the […]

Hugh – frogmuseum2 This post has been in various stages of progress for the last few weeks: the longest I have ever spent writing a post. This is because the subject is very important to me, probably the most pressing issue currently on my mind. It began as a simple anecdote that quickly transformed after […]



I am always seeing great stuff, so I thought I would start sharing more of it.  Descisions, Descisions By: Jamie Wieck “This menu design grew out of my hatred for the number of rules eateries impose on their customers. Using the East London restaurant Bistrotheque as a foundation I rationalised all the reasons why someone […]

Branded utility has been tagged as the future of marketing. Originator, Johnny Vulkan defines it as, “Brands being genuinely useful to their customers, employees, suppliers and the people they touch.” However it has really been transformed since then. Most people are slapping it on anything that blends function and branding. The success of this concept […]



Depletist {de-plE-tist} Noun 1. An individual or group demonstrating apparent negligent or reckless disregard for the environmental consequences of their actions. 2. An individual or group that exhausts non-renewable resources and rejects positive environmental strategies. I thought I would give a brief update on the fourth year think tank project I mentioned previously. We moved […]