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photo: Zach_ManchesterUK I think one of the reasons it is so difficult to find some words to write in this little space of mine is because I now do it for a living. Everyday I am now contractually obligated to blog, it sounds weird I know, but that is a whole other story. Finding something […]



A brief book is now live online. Brief is a limited-edition book, containing articles, essays and ideas on the future of design. It was the major focus of my last year at OCAD and features work by my colleagues and some of Canada’s best illustrators. Have a flip and explore some new design territory.

From a great article I recommend reading… “What Else is New?” By: Steven Shapin. Discussing a new book that makes a point about the way we view technology and the misconceptions that surround it. Knowing about technology is not the same thing as understanding the scientific theories involved. Just as innovators commonly understand the fundamentals […]



This past year I wrote an essay for a publication called Shift:Positions. Well tonight is the official launch! So come out and support the book.   Come celebrate the launch of Shift:Positions with readings by Edward Burtynsky as well as student contributors Katherine Morley and Chris Braden; get your book autographed by the authors; Browse […]

Ideas vs. Ideas


Now that school is done I have some free time to catch up on reading and all the other things I was putting off. I had clipped a page from the Globe at the beginning of May. I already read one of the articles on the page about a new car being designed in Germany, […]