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Creative Rigour


After the back and forth on my “Ideas vs. Ideas” post and reading Bruce Nussbaum’s take on the 3M issue, I began thinking more about the role of creativity in business. Creativity and LSS (Lean Six Sigma) have different objectives. As Bruce suggests “Both tracks have separate needs so keep them separate”. He suggests running […]

I was accepted on today. It is a really neat concept that is an online feed aggregator. However instead of being user determined like bloglines or feedbuner this site is owner curated. The site focuses on providing reliable information in the niche market of design. I think that this is not only useful (I […]

I was trying to share a Youtube video last night might i guess wordpress doesn’t like to play nice! But oh well, I’ll do a double post today to keep pace with my post-a-day!

Welcome Home!


This site is now the new home of Tracking Imagination. I moved from Blogger to WordPress and I’m enjoying the new digs. My daily blog project begins tomorrow.

So as some of you may have seen, I took a photo everyday last semester for a thinktank project. Although I skipped a few days here and there, the project was an overwhelming success. One of the main things I learned from this project was how easily something become part of your schedule when you […]