Kevin Kelly and Brian Eno Predict the Future, Before


Kevin Kelly and Brain Eno’s ‘list of unthinkable futures’ was published 15 years ago in the Summer, 1993 issue of Whole Earth Review. Great example of scenario planning, predicting the absurdity of the future and having it come true.

A new type of artist arises: someone whose task is to gather together existing but overlooked pieces of amateur art, and, by directing attention onto them, to make them important. (This is part of a much larger theory of mine about the new role of curatorship, the big job of the next century.)

Mass advertising is restricted. Billboards are categorically banned; advertising in subways, buses, removed. Towns take up “Advertising-Free Zones.” (link)

Smoking is proven to be good exercise for the lungs.

A highly successful new magazine — Ordinary People, edited by the nonagenarian Studs Terkel — focuses only on people who have never done anything in particular to deserve attention.

(via kottke)


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