Failure is Part of Reality


I logged back into WordPress today for the first time in almost 4 months. A lot has changed. For starters, I noticed that the site had gone through a tiny redesign. A little sprucing up of the toolbar and some nice layout changes on the admin homepage. After such a long absence I caught up with what little activity has occurred regarding this blog.

The only noticeable link to me was from my friend Kelly. In her post, “Fail” she contemplated here own blogging activity (or lack there of) and the thoroughly modern practise of managing your “online presence”. She touched on many points that any blogger can sympathize with. Especially poignant was the question of balancing a personal and professional voice in her subject matter. I understand this implicitly, as well as any 20-something digital native can. In my opinion, the Internet is great at creating multiple personas, people, avatars and many more extensions of our personality. However, in the case of blogging from a personal and professional perspective we have no choice but to be our true selves or at least our true online selves. When the virtual and the physical must synch up, we must be honest.

In that light, I equate my own blogging “failures”, to my reality. One cannot devote themselves to everything always. We pick and choose what we do, disregarding and ignoring other things in the process. It’s only natural. So blogging wasn’t on the top of my to-do list, that’s life.


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