So it has been away eh? In the last two months I have been very busy making the move to Italy. I have been hired by the wonderful designboom to work here in Milan. I applied to a job posting on their blog back in June and moved here at the end of September. I’m not sure if that excuses me from my prolonged absence but there isn’t much I can do about it.

I have been wanting to write something from the minute I arrived here. The excitement and thrill of not only visiting, but living in a new city is absolutely inspiring. Everyday I am sparked by something; the differences, the similarities it all really gets me thinking. So much so that I was beginning to get writers block. I wanted to write something, but what? There was and is so much in my head that I just needed to get it out. So I’m hoping this will be the beginning of my ‘blog stay’ in Milan. I had to say it, now we can move on. Check out wltv.

photo: ::sarmax::

2 Responses to “YYZ to MPX”

  1. Great to hear from you! The words will come…

  2. thanks denise i really hope so.. how goes thesis?

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