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Inspiration is hard to come by. However nothing is more exciting than finding creative triggers. I have recently been inspired by the Behance: a website that examines creativity and the creative process. It has been continually producing great inspiring articles that offer unique tips and interviews. So while reading it today I found this tidbit that I thought I should share. An interview with Luis von Ahn sparked my imagination. In it he states,

Think about humankind’s biggest accomplishments: the pyramids of Egypt, the Panama canal, the Apollo project, etc. All of these required the collaboration of about 100,000 people. My question is: what can we do if we get 100 million people working together? Since the advent of the Web, for the first time in human history, we can bring this many people to work on a common goal. What can we do with this many people? I don’t think we can think big enough yet to figure this out.

So that is my contribution, I hope you too are inspired by something today and everyday.

For more ideas check out Behance and a great project on inspiration by Charles Gallant over on Noah Brier’s site.


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