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Everyday I think of strange and wonderful ideas that mostly go nowhere. Unless I am generating ideas on a specific subject for work, I never record these thoughts. Like most people (I assume?) I regard these ideas as disposable and useless. However I began thinking about the amount of ideas I must generate over a longer period of time. Unlike a single idea this would represent a sizable body of knowledge that may prove valuable.

So my idea is this: record and capture my ideas and observations for an extended period of time using a variety of mediums. Like a sketchbook of sorts, this project will track and demonstrate the inner workings of my mind. A literal Tracking of my Imagination, if you will. However, I have chosen to simply call it my Idea Log.

Although Blogging would be a suitable medium for this kind of expression, I am choosing not to use it. Instead I will be “Twittering” my ideas. One of the main reasons for this is because up until now I viewed this application as pretty much useless for its intended use, however I think it fits perfectly for this specific need. This may change but for now it is my goal.

So starting very soon I will begin to record my thoughts and put them on display for all to see and use.

Idea Log

5 Responses to “Idea Log”

  1. 1 Tomas

    That’s the catching.
    Thank you.
    I hope to learn English a bit more for to respond more concretely.
    Meanwhile I invite you to visit my blog (blogs)
    Thank you. It was fine to read your post indeed.

  2. Hi Tomas, thanks for the comment I will definitely check out your blog. Best of luck learning english, new languages can be very tough!

  3. 3 Michael Farnham

    Hey Nate,

    A great idea. I have been capturing my ideas in a notebook for some time now and it’s great to refer back to something. It’s actually really fun how these books end up really becoming apart of you.

    The Moleskine notebook is the only brand i will use. They are well designed and durable. The Moleskine brand can withstand all the abuse of being carried around in my postmans bag. I got mine at Indigo, they are a bit pricey but so well worth it.



  4. hi mike,

    thanks for the comments, as you may have seen I am not keeping up with the “twitter” aspect of the idea. I think that your notebook approach is more my style and easier to keep up.

    I also use moleskine but never seem to use them as much as i should.

    It goes to show that technology does make things easier but it isn’t always the most natural way. I’m sure it will get there.

    talk to you soon

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