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The New Design


One of my main interests is examining the current shifts in the design industry. Of late I have been reading some great articles that are trying to articulate the changes in the industry; so I thought I would share. This is an ongoing list of links on where design is now and where it is […]

Hugh – frogmuseum2 This post has been in various stages of progress for the last few weeks: the longest I have ever spent writing a post. This is because the subject is very important to me, probably the most pressing issue currently on my mind. It began as a simple anecdote that quickly transformed after […]

Idea Log


Brainstorms at INDEX: Views – Jacob B√łtter Everyday I think of strange and wonderful ideas that mostly go nowhere. Unless I am generating ideas on a specific subject for work, I never record these thoughts. Like most people (I assume?) I regard these ideas as disposable and useless. However I began thinking about the amount […]



My Desk – jochen Inspiration is hard to come by. However nothing is more exciting than finding creative triggers. I have recently been inspired by the Behance: a website that examines creativity and the creative process. It has been continually producing great inspiring articles that offer unique tips and interviews. So while reading it today […]