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photo: lou’s canonĀ  Over the weekend I did a little cleaning. I began to go through my massive bin of paperwork. I have had this bin in the top of my closet for as long as I can remember. It contains all my schoolwork from when I began school, all the way up to this […]



A brief book is now live online. Brief is a limited-edition book, containing articles, essays and ideas on the future of design. It was the major focus of my last year at OCAD and features work by my colleagues and some of Canada’s best illustrators. Have a flip and explore some new design territory.



likemind NY – Michael Surtees Toronto is finally home to an official likemind meet-up. In case you are unfamiliar with the whole likemind concept it is basically a get together of likeminded people. So if you are want to chat it up with some likeminded and downright interesting people, come check it out and spread […]

Just Watch




Makes you wonder what other movies are thinking when they put out trailers. A quick google search revealed that this is already a widly discussed film, due in large part to its creator J.J. Abrahms of Lost fame. Although I have not seen an episode of his show, I think this is a intriguing trend […]