World House Interdesign 2007: Day 3


Wow! What a day. It all began at 8AM this morning and didn’t stop till 9:30 this evening. We spent the whole day doing concept development. We also got to meet Henry Cheung a really talented designer who worked at Bruce Mau Design on the Tree City Proposal. His insights were tremendously helpful and gave us a lot more insight into the development of Downsview Park. After a crit with Dean Goodman we were thrown off track a little but in the end used his concerns to instill more focus on our design.

The day also re-iterated some things I have alwys known about brainstorming and concept generation. The most amazing is the amount of knowledge one can gain on a subject in such a short span of time. Two days ago I didn’t have a clue what was in Downsview Park and know i a a semi-expert or at least know what is happening.

The end of the day was a discussion on green practices and introduced 5 speakers who shared their personal story of sustainablity.

So much information. I must process. Pics to come… maybe


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