World House Interdesign 2007: Day 2


Today we broke out into our groups and went to visit the site that our design charette will be located. I was assigned to the Downsview Park group that is exploring the future for Canada’s Urban Park. Located in northern Toronto this area is an old air base for the military that is being transformed into a sustainable park.

The pictures tell the story best.

After a presentation with the leaders for the park we took a small tour of the facility. This is our first stop outside the sport complex that houses massive soccer fields, beach volleyball and basketball courts.

Inside we can see the large scale of these old buildings and their new innovative use.

We later moved to the park area of the park. This may seem weird but the park isn’t all park it is mixed use and thus this is the more natural and park-like of the two. They are in the beginning phases of development and have started some initial plantings and path development.

My favourite aspect of the park is the combination of nature and urbanity. The final vision of having both co-exist together is something that is key to our future. This image is a linking of these aspects represented by the juxtaposition of the people and nature.

Finally we have and example of the beauty of this natural landscape and some inspiration for the future development of what could be a true landmark in terms of sustainability in Toronto, Canada and a model for the world.


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