Creative Rigour


After the back and forth on my “Ideas vs. Ideas” post and reading Bruce Nussbaum’s take on the 3M issue, I began thinking more about the role of creativity in business.

Creativity and LSS (Lean Six Sigma) have different objectives. As Bruce suggests “Both tracks have separate needs so keep them separate”. He suggests running the two on parallel paths. However I see this possibly stalling innovation rather than helping it. I agree that we should let creative people work in their way, rather than imposing rigorous expectations on the creative process. However I think that creative people need to work collaboratively with people focused on that rigour to drive innovation and create real change. The two sides need each other and it is only with synergy between them that real innovation can occur.

As Bruce mentioned, the iPhone is a tremendous innovation. However it appears to me that Apple innovates so well because of the collaborative process between its creatives and executors. We need to learn to unite under a common goal not split up at the fork in the road.

 Note: The pictures above is from a mini-conference that I took part in back in October. It was a great meeting of business people and designers that found common ground. Juice


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