More than a month…


Well more than a month has gone by since my last post and boy did I forget my post a day idea! Well it wasn’t without reason. Not only has school been hectic the last few weeks but I have also been working on a ton of outside projects.

1. Souvenir Shop – I designed two items for the Souvenir Shop Exhibit at the 2007 Come Up to My Room show @ the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. It was a ton of fun and we got some great press. My Timpins were a big hit and should be featured in an upcoming MoCo Loco interview.

2.  Blogging – In all my time away from this blog I helped a local city councillor and his office set up a blog to keep their constituents up to date. It was a very rewarding experience and shows what new technology can do to enhance our everyday lives.

3. Shift:Positions –  I have been working on an essay since august that will finally be appearing in a book this spring. The project is still looking for some extra funding so please support our efforts if you are interested. The book is only $20 and features some amazing work by my fellow OCAD students, plus a forward by Ed Burtynsky.

In addition I’m planning our end of year graduation show for the beginning of May. We are planning a publication and a website in addition to the show, it should be great if we can pull it off, so stay tuned for updates. Until then.

One Response to “More than a month…”

  1. hi nate!

    are your timpins available to purchase somewhere? i tried searching online to no avail….

    good luck on your grad projects!!

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