24 Hours to Live


Day 35, originally uploaded by nate archer.


It occurred to me that the way people spend their days may mimic how they live their lives. As I sit here typing this at 10:26 PM I’m in the last few hours of the day, I have an incredible creative urge. Earlier in the day I slept in and did some little things but wasn’t able to focus. As I look back on those unproductive hours I realize how much I could have accomplished.

For some people (and me today and a lot of other days) the last few hours of the day are their most productive. They can cram numerous tasks into a small time period because they are under the pressures of the clock. I can’t help but draw conclusions with life. Will these same people be the ones who live the last moments of their life to the fullest after realizing what they could have done before.

If my hypothesis is true, a person’s life can be broken down into a 24 hour day. In this case a person would reach midday at around age 40. So at the age of 21 I would be currently living around 6AM. (I would like to stay up till 12 tonight). And I guess I have to decide if I want to get up early or sleep in?

Are you waking up early or sleeping in to burn the midnight oil?


3 Responses to “24 Hours to Live”

  1. Only a few years ago I too found myself most productive at midnight +. The joys of school, the benefit of sleeping in.

    Now, oddly, I’ve switched. Much more productive at 7 – 9 am, before the day starts and before I’m worn out, than any other time.

    Maybe I’m living life a lot like that really bad music video of the early 90’s? (return to innocence? ?)

  2. I wish I could be there too! I can sometimes do that but those days are few and far between. Maybe it is because I did nothing all morning that I had so much energy at night.

  3. 3 vinayak

    this v.good article

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