Massive Change is Changing


Now all you graphic designers and Bruce Mau haters (are they not one in the same) don’t get to excited, I’m not proclaiming the genius of Monsieur Mau. However I just found out about this new book Change Design: Conversations About Architecture as the Ultimate Business Tool. This isn’t news worthy on its own, but i think it points to a larger trend. Last year Mau joined forces with Ad firm Crispin Porter + Bogusky and now is getting into Architecture and Business. I think that this makes it very clear that the future of design is multi-disiplinary. We will no longer hear about graphic designers or industrial designers but rather an all encompasing “designer”. It is nice to know Bruce is good for something!


One Response to “Massive Change is Changing”

  1. 1 Angela

    I was talking about that a while ago with my prof Dr. Henry Giroux. He made up made up the word “vocaltionalization” in his book “Channel Surfing” to describe the narrowing of university education to mere job training. It’s happening in every field now. It’s CHEAPER to train someone to do ONE thing and to outsource specific functions.

    This means that in creative fields, we’ll end up having a great divide between the “artistic” and the “technical” people. You won’t have a graphic designer that is capable of doing everything from design to technical layout to print, but will have a “designer” for the ideas, and outsource the technical labour for less cost.

    As the technical positions become more specific, the designers will become more ambiguous. It’s great that the concept of the designer will be multi-disiplinary and fluid, but it also means the creation of more part-time, no-benifits, contract jobs which isn’t good for the average worker.

    you got me on a rant… :P now i’m just procrastinating… back to work.


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