Finding Your Niche


I was accepted on today. It is a really neat concept that is an online feed aggregator. However instead of being user determined like bloglines or feedbuner this site is owner curated. The site focuses on providing reliable information in the niche market of design. I think that this is not only useful (I have been using it a lot resently) but also a really interesting use of technology that I believe will become more prevalent. It provides curation and selection in a focused niche, in turn becoming like a news editor for the web. Kind of like a static version of Digg on a specific topic. Very cool! Give it a look.


4 Responses to “Finding Your Niche”

  1. Excellent project!

  2. 2 nlarcher

    it is! Thanks for the comment

  3. Why can’t I subscribe to the feed of the aggregated content though?

  4. 4 nlarcher

    good point fraser. I didn’t realize you couldn’t until you mentioned it.

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