Visualizing The Intangible


I had two conversations today on the difficulties of understanding abstract concepts. Some people see them and others don’t. However, I belive at some point that it isn’t so much not understanding but rather an unwillingness to understand. This is most likley from not being trained to think in this way. However it begs the question, is it the concept that is difficult to understand or just your unwillingness?

I’m not sure.

One Response to “Visualizing The Intangible”

  1. 1 Mike

    I am intrigued by your way of thinking. I too have thought much about how abstract or intangible concepts and entities can be visualized not just metaphorically, but literally. For instance, can the complexities of information and data relationships in an organization actually be visualized in some sort of mathematical way? Art of many kinds can be decomposed to mathematical or physical realities. When I studied art and music in college, I was struck by how much math was involved. The skillful manipulation of objects or entities on or in some medium (either a canvas, wall, piece of paper, computer screen or on an instrument) is, either consciously or subconsciously, a mathematical work. I am looking for a way to apply mathematical concepts to the study of information, data, and human interaction.

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