Apple Hiding its Core


I hate to rehash the iPhone however I just wanted to follow up on some other coverage. Scott at Publishing 2.0 has a great piece on “the head rush of real innovation” that the iPhone achieves. He makes a great point,

“DESIGN is now a key differentiator at the convergence of media and technology… Design. Elegance. Simplicity. Innovation. That’s where it’s at.”

It is great to see someone cut through all the noise and get down to the core of why everyone is so enamoured by the iPhone. Apple is about design, not in the sense of stylish products (although they are pretty good) but in the design of integration and experience.

This leads me to a post by Tom from Fractals of Change. He doesn’t believe the iPhone truly delivers the innovation that Scott describes.

“Apple did NOT reinvent to telecommunications sector even though there is a good chance that it could have done so. Too bad.”

Although I follow his argument, I think that he may not understand what the iPhone really is.

Full credit goes to the always-insightful Matt Jones on this one. He believes that the iPhone isn’t really a phone. That’s right, the iPhone isn’t a phone. Sure it has a phone built in but that is missing the point. As I said in my previous iPhone post, “Apple has added a new variable to the space and it is up to us to imagine the possibilities.” However they pulled the old slight of hand trick on us. Calling it a phone to make us think it’s a phone. The iPhone is more than that and I think Tom’s statement needs to be re-examined by not looking at the product from outside the telecom sector. In my view it is part of an entirely new sector.

Photo: Henrik

(Hope I’m not breaching some Beal contract, let me know Matt.)


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