Delaying the Inevitable


It seems like I have been thinking/saying this a lot in the last year but I’m beginning to understand the importance of just doing something. Back in
August I wrote, “I have realized that no matter how much planning and thinking about something you do, there is something so satisfying about something spontaneous.” And while I still whole-heartedly agree with this, I think that there is something just as satisfying when you stop planning, thinking, debating or practicing something and just do it and go for it.

We are all focused on the task at hand and never take the risk to just go after our dreams. I think that this isn’t just me either. I think that living until now has been about surviving and living a full life, however I think we have reached a time where we will begin to focus on the intangible. But instead of planning for it, we need to just go for it. Because when it’s over we realize how silly it was to put it off.

What should you be doing?


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