Your Claim To Fame


I was talking with my friend Alex after class the other day about legacy. We overheard a couple of students discussing a new professor at school.

Student 1: Who is your prof?
Student 2: Oh, he is new, I forget his name.
Student 3: Yeah I have him too; he has designed some really interesting hand-sanitizer dispensers.

We couldn’t help but laugh at this and I immediately thought of the way that designers seem to be pigeon-holed by a single design. Most often it is one they would rather forget, but for some reason it sticks in people’s minds. I find it peculiar how these things are chosen or rather latched onto. It‘s a hard thing to define, but I think that there is a certain novelty factor in it. It will be interesting to see what my fellow students will be known for. What will define them? What will be their claim to fame?

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