Who you calling chicken legs?


chicken legs

“Necessity is the mother of invention”


I decided to go shopping this afternoon. I really needed to get some jeans, because my current pair has a large gash in the front from over-wear. As I flipped through the racks at H&M, I found my size in a couple of cuts and headed for the change room. 15 pairs later, I only found one pair that was even close to fitting.

I am a pretty tall guy at 6’4” and by no means overweight. However, I found it impossible to find a single pair of pants that fit. 34×34 are too tight in the leg and too loose in the waist, while 36×34 fit in the leg but are way too big in the waist. Needless to say, trying on 15 pairs of ill-fitting jeans is very frustrating. Even after asking the change-room clerk which cut would suit me best, I was unable to find a pair that weren’t designed for a guy with chicken legs.

I understand that most pants are cut tighter, however the designers should understand that the majority of 6’4” guys don’t have pencils for legs. Our bodies are in proportion meaning we have bigger legs that the average Joe. After taking a class on human factors and ergonomics a few years back, I thought every designer considered the body’s constraints. I guess I was wrong.

As a designer, it is vital to understand what your user wants; however it is just as important to know what they need. This may not be what sells a product but it creates a better product experience. Most products can satisfy desire, however a product that can satisfy both desire and meet your needs is far more effective and memorable. Desire quickly fades, necessity will always remain.

(image: micsten)


7 Responses to “Who you calling chicken legs?”

  1. 1 girl.

    I admire your perspective. Whenever I have a similar experience with pants I end up cursing my DNA and skipping dessert. Your way is better. I’ll try it.

  2. 2 nlarcher

    It’s very therapeutic!! Thanks Kelly, see you soon! I’ll be the one not wearing new pants!

  3. You’re also shopping at H&M, which is pointing at the “skinny european” guy demographic.

    Suggestion? One of my friends has a figure like you describe (but shorter) and he tends to have good luck with the levis relaxed fits (560 series and whatnot, I think.)

    (And I came here via fraser, but I noticed you on my mybloglog thingy. Hi.)

  4. 4 nlarcher

    Hi Candice. Thanks so much for commenting and I will definitely give those levi’s a try. (I do realize the H&M demographic but they also offer more “relaxed” styles So I thought I would give it a try!)

    I also have started reading your blog because of MyBlogLog. So it great to finally “meet” (??) you. I guess there isn’t a way to describe an online “meeting”. Take care.

  5. I suppose it’s meet, I don’t know.

    I like mybloglog for the people discovery aspect of things. It’s nice to put an identity behind at least a few of the readers.

  6. 6 nlarcher

    it will be interesting to see what yahoo does with it.

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