Want Meets Need


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I’m not one for cellphones, but if this comes out at a good price point I would definetly get one. The main reason I don’t like them is the difficulty of use that comes from cramming a million features into a small unit. I can never figure out how to use them. The iphone seems to avoid these pitfalls by using the multi-touch system and allowing the user to use a more natural visual menu system.

I was anticipating this for my thesis. New products like this will revolutionize mobile communicating and commerce. By tying a phone and internet portal together with a music player revolutionizes music buying, playing and discovery. As Alex Manu would say, Apple has added a new variable to the space and it is up to us to imagine the possibilities.

[January 10, 2007 – As a follow up I thought I would share this link, which gives a interesting perspective on the iPhone. Hoever, I read that Apple is not going to allow any extra software to be installed. Bummer!]

[January 11, 2007 – As a follow up to the follow up Merlin has a conversation with Jason Snell and John Gruber on iPhone applications.]


5 Responses to “Want Meets Need”

  1. Walking home tonight a couple things came together for me with new iPhone. Why couldn’t they sell this thing sans the phone capability and have it sniff out wifi? Take that one step further and put a skype hack into it and you don’t need a cell phone provider.

  2. 2 nlarcher

    It think the time will come for a wi-fi only phone, but as service stands now I think we still need the dial up tech in there. However I think it would be neat to see if they could hack it so that you could use skype on it and not use the cingular service. (true you are paying for the technology inside, but it would save you same change each month.)

  3. 3 Angela

    i didn’t think that it was possible, but the iPhone is sexier than the newest iPod! :P

    I watched the Keynote address (http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/j47d52oo/event/), and the pricepoint is $499 for a 2-year contract USD, i don’t know about canada though.

    back to my drooling…

  4. 4 nlarcher

    thanks for the comment angela! You can download it in hd from itunes now it is pretty sweet!

  1. 1 Apple Hiding its Core • Nate Archer.ca | Nate Archer.ca

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