Stephan Sagmeister


Bruce Hinds, a professor at OCAD was looking for some names of people that the students would like to hear speak. So I started a list with some friends. We all thought of some similar big name thinkers: your Malcolm Gladwells, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. However one name that I insisted go on the list was Stephan Sagmeister.

Although I only have a very basic knowledge of Graphic Design, Stephan has been a huge influence on my thinking. His process and ideas are so unique, which is probably why he has become so well known. Hearing him speak is so intriguing and entertaining. The first time I discovered Stephan’s work was through the designer videos on Hillman Curtis’s website. His passion is so evident and captured me even though he is a Graphic Designer. He is truly an individual and does what he believes in. I write this mainly because I thought more people should know about him.

Stephan Sagmeister
I love his website not only for its design but also the student section which gives advice to students. This understanding is something more designers and design firms should get.

Here are some more links with Stephan.
AIGA – Happiness & Design
Type Radio – Interview

Shouldn’t all designers be happy?

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