Portfolio Shoot


Well, all weekend I have been hard at work on my new portfolio. I wasn’t too happy with the one I made last year so I decided to change formats.

Last year I made a simple PDF that showcased my top eight projects with a picture and small description for each. It was definitely a learning process and I didn’t even realize how much effort went into presenting my work. In the end I was proud of what I did but a year later it isn’t as impressive. This year I tried to top the previous but I may have been a little too ambitious. I thought that the best way to present in a new and creative way would be a film. However I have realized that this might not be the most effective way. The problems associated with using text on film has been just one of the many roadblocks I have encountered.

I made the film using small cutouts of my work and me. I then shot them using my digital camera to be put into a stop-motion animation. I had done this kind of presentation before but never at such a precise level.

I am planning on finishing it by the end of the week along with a PDF of all the projects and a new resume. I have to start setting personal deadlines otherwise it will carry-on forever.

After all the time and effort spent I started to question my work and then realized that my work, although all very current, isn’t really an accurate representation of my design ideas or me. As the design world changes I feel that there will be a seismic shift in the idea of the portfolio. In the future will what I do actually be able to be distilled into a picture book with descriptions? As I thought about my book this year can you really understand my thinking through a visual representation and brief description? Is design not more complex? Eventually we will have to find an answer to allow our work to be represented in a transparent and vivid way.


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